What You Need to Know About Shipping Dangerous Goods Shipping

Many businesses have to ship dangerous goods such as chemicals and particular items from one place to another. These items must be handled with care and precision during the shipping process, otherwise they could lose their value and cause a lot of damage in the process. At Fastway Express, we understand the concept of dangerous goods shipping very well. Having been in the business for more than a decade, we have worked with many different businesses and companies that have to ship goods, both within India and internationally.

How Does Shipping for Dangerous Goods Work?

There are plenty of things that you should know about dangerous goods shipping. At Fastway Express, we work with experienced handlers. If you have to ship dangerous goods, we will first ask you about the nature of the goods to be shipped. Once we have knowledge about the nature of the goods, we will determine the best way to ship them from one place to another. We understand it’s not easy for first-time customers to trust us, but we have an extensive list of customers that we have managed to satisfy. You can ask for references or read reviews from many of our customers in order to find out what they have to say about our products.


The shipping prices vary based on several factors. You can visit our website and enter the details of the goods to be shipped. Then, you can enter the details of the origin and the destination of the shipment. Based on the distance between the two, we will give you a fixed price quote for the total costs of shipping. If you want, you can either bring the goods to one of our nationwide customer centers, or you can just ask for a pickup.

At Fastway Express, we offer plenty of different shipping options. If there’s an insurance package available, we will also help you choose the right one in order to secure the value of the shipment. One of the biggest reasons why so many of our clients prefer working with us is because we offer top-of-the-line services at the most affordable prices.

Fastway Express prides itself in offering unparalleled convenience and affordability to our customers. We guarantee that your shipping experience will be top-notch! We also listen closely to customer experience, so if there’s something that you are dissatisfied with, we will take immediate action in order to make your experience better. Contact us today for a fixed price quote, or get in touch with our customer representatives in order to find out more about our services!

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